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Lost foam casting(LFC)

It is a type of investment casting process that uses foam patterns as the investment. This method takes advantage of the properities of foam to more simply and cheaply form casting that would be difficult or impossible, using normal cope and drag techniques.




Material: Ductile iron, grey iron, Alloy steel

Application Field: Automotive,Construction machinery,railway,Agriculture machining, Mining machinery,offshore

Single Unit Weight: 20g-200kg/PC

Casting tolerance: ISO8062 CT8 to CT9

Casting surface roughness: ≥Ra12.5um

Machining Capability:CNC

Heat Treatment:Solid solution, normalizing, annealing, quenching and carburizing

Surface treatment:Zinc plating, Hot-dip galvanization, Painting(wet pating, powder coating),Mirror polishing,Chrome plating

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