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Shell mold casting

This process provides workers with numerous operating advantages and no environmental pollution.A heated metal pattern is covered with a mixture of sand and thermoset plastic. This causes a skin of sand mixture to adhere to the pattern. This skin is removed from the pattern to form the "shell mold". The two halves of the shell mold are secured together and the metal is poured in the shell to form the part. Once the metal solidifies, the shell is broken.
The materials that can be used with this process are cast irons, and aluminum and copper alloys. Typical parts made with this process are connecting rods, gear housings, lever arms


>Better surface finish and tolearnce control

> Higher throughput due to reduced cycle times.

Material: Ductile iron, grey iron, Carbon steel,Alloy steel

Application Field: Automotive,Construction machinery,railway,Agriculture machining, Mining machinery,offshore

Single Unit Weight: 20g-50kg/PC

Casting tolerance: ISO8062 CT7 to CT8

Casting surface roughness: ≥Ra12.5um

Machining Capability:CNC

Heat Treatment:Solid solution, normalizing, annealing, quenching and carburizing

Surface treatment: Painting(wet pating, powder coating),Mirror polishing,Chrome plating

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